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Cut Your Nails Before Joining Data Entry Jobs

An excellent opportunity the internet had given to us. You can work from any where, any time, that is the secret of online jobs. Plenty of home based online typist jobs are available in the internet. If you are very good typist, that is enough to join these programs. You can earn up to $400-$1000 per month working part time. As a full time worker, you can increase your earnings around $2000 per month.

Statistics says, there are about 30 million peoples working from home on the internet. In that about 5 million peoples are working as Online Typists.

Even if you don;t know typing knowledge, you can start by learning with your laptop or computer by just exercising A to Z few days. Take a typing test here at & see your improvements.

I can say Your earnings are directly linked to your speed and accuracy.

How It Works ?

You have to become a member of the websites offering these jobs. Once joined, you will have exclusive access to job opportunities available with them. But here You can control to what companies you are willing to work and also they will pay you directly. Payment will be done via direct deposit, PayPal, Check, AlertPay etc.

Where To Start ?

Lets see some of the websites offering online typing jobs for making money,

Easypostjob4u : There are different schemes like A, B, C with different earning levels. One of my friend joined this & he worked with them for about 5 months. He got good revenue but not that much high. So I can say this is worth joining.

GoFreeLance : They have thousands of jobs in their database & they are offering jobs postings to you via email daily. Some offers are there to take a free course on Freelance Success. They have categories like Freelance opportunities, Work-at-home opportunities, Home business opportunities. Of course here also you have to pay joining fee but less amount 7$. But I am not sure about their quality of jobs & payments, I don;t have any experience with this program.

Typist Jobs : Typist Jobs provides good typing opportunities but you have to pay some initial amount of 50$ to join. You can make a try.

Finally, a free to join offer in Odesk.

Odesk : The right place to start your online job. You can join free without any joining fees. It is the ever best resource you can start from, they are loyal in payments & professionally managing the process. You can read my blog post How To Earn With Odesk ? for more information about odesk. Read more about Odesk Job here.

First join odesk for free and earn some money, you can try the other products later with that money ie., reinvestment technique or you can continue with that if you are enough satisfied.

One important point, before joining as a data entry operator or as a typist, if you have a longer nails in your finger, please cut it first, he hee heee :-)