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Style Of Money Making With Blogging And Publishing Ads

Blog is nothing but a website, blogging is nothing but posting the content to the website, Publishing Ads is nothing but adding advertisements to the page. On simply saying, this your business to make money online.

You can start this business with your own website. In your website you have to display the advertisements given by the Ad programs like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, pogads etc. Its free to join those Ad programs. Don't need to pay any money.

Now the question is how you start making money ? Its simple, whenever a user comes to your
website & clicks on the Ads displayed in your website, you will earn. It is based on the number of clicks made, even some of these Ad programs are paying you when the user sees the Ads ie., based on the number of impressions happened.

So your earning depends on your websites quality, unique content available, how and where you are displaying the Ads in your website and major thing the traffic to your website.

Don;t worry about owning a website for you. There are lot of sites like blogger, weebly, wordpress etc that helps you to make your own website by means of wizards. You don;t need to do any HTML or script codings. Its very easy !!!

Here I will take you thro' the very simple steps to do this business.

The steps to start Online Publishing & to make money,
  • Get your own website hosted using any of these blogger, weebly, wordpress etc.
  • Post quality, unique content on your website that your user can enjoy & bookmark your website.
  • Get the Ads from programs like Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, pogads etc. (They will provide you some java scripts/html, that you have to put on your website.)
  • Market or promote your website. Google is the king of search engines so you have to submit your website url to google search engine. You can also submit your url to yahoo search & other favorite search engines, they are providing free options to do that.
  • Now whenever the user comes to your website & clicks on the Ads you are making money. Done, do your day-to-day activities and you are earning money in the background.

Again, important thing here is what content you are puting in your site to gain traffic more. The following tips help you to achieve,

  • Don;t steal your content from any website. If you steal, change it to your words :)
  • Choose a particular topic for your website & post related contents so that you will get related ads & that makes your user to click the Ads. Thats True !!!
  • Post your url to public groups like yahoo groups & google groups. for that you have to join those related groups & you have to post mails with your websites URL.
  • As i told earlier, add to google, yahoo & others. Do these & see the traffic, your website will be jammed with users, & you make more money !!!

I recommend all these providers Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Pogads they are really paying & NO FRAUD... Keep in mind blogging and publishing is one of the best method of making money online.

You can work parttime, when you are free or bored. Or you can do this full time, if you are staying in home. Your earnings will be moderate or more depending on your website from $50 to more than $1000's.

Think & start today....GOOD LUCKs !!!