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Making Big Money Learn How Top Bloggers Doing

Hey, recently I read an article from businessweek, about how the top bloggers are making money. It looks inspiring and motivating others.

Here I am telling you about some of the well known bloggers,

BoingBoing, we can call this as the king of money making blogs. His blog is "A Directory Of Wonderful Things". He is always at the top of Technorati and only in june their site got 22 million page views with 2.0 million unique visitors. They earned about $3000 in one week :-) Frauenfelder the owner says, "Frequent posting—the four authors update the site 20 to 40 times each day—drives high traffic to the blog". You can see the blog here,

ShoeMoney, owned by Jeremy Schoemaker started a blog on how to make money online and he suceeded. He writes only half an hour per day that attracts 20,000 visitors per day and he is earning $12000 per month. Interesting. You can see reach here,

Problogger, owned by Darren Rowse his blog about blogging. An Australian, who started as a part time blogger, turned full time blogger, he is having revenue of $1,00,000 a year. His main source of incomes are through Chitika, Google Adsense, Text Link Ads etc. Very Interesting. See his blog, it is really having useful information

And the list going more. Looks like, every one starts with a small step and one day they are reaching the height of the Everest. I can say blogging is one of the interesting hobby work, we can have in our fast going day-to-day life.

So, don;t wait for anything. Start blogging today onwards to win the world and starting making money online !!!

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