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Odesk Online Odesk Review Odesk Job Odesk Office Odesk Money Making Site

Odesk, the right place to start your online job. Odesk is an online office. If you are bored of going to office or if you have free times & thinking how to spend useful, then you can say join Odesk. They are telling odesk is an online staffing marketplace, management platform & outsourcing.

Its free to join odesk !!!

First, you should know the two basic things about odesk,

Odesk Buyer : A buyer is a one who posts jobs to odesk. They are like employer. They hire Providers & assigns Odesk job.

Odesk Provider : A provider is a one who applys for the jobs posted by buyer. Once hired by buyer, provider will do the assigned job. Buyer pays provider.

Thats IT !!! you learnt the basics of odesk.

Here am going to take you thro' the steps to become a provider & to start your making money online from Odesk.

For the Odesk provider, the following kind of jobs are available with odesk,

+ Odesk - Web development
+ Odesk - Software development
+ Odesk - Graphics Arts & Design
+ Odesk - Audio/Video Multimedia
+ Odesk - Networking & Informative systems
+ Odesk - Administrative support
+ Odesk - Technical Writer
+ Odesk - Blog/copywriters
+ Odesk - Data Entry Operator & lots n lots....

The stairs to start the online Odesk job,

1) Join odesk & get your username & password

2) Complete your Odesk - profile.

  • Your major part of earnings dependent on your profile, so that jobs suitable to you will reach to your inbox.
  • Before filling your profile, decide your area or domain of work.
  • Fill with more information as much as possible with what ever technology, tools, programming languages you known.
  • Don't forget to add your certifications, experiences in your expertise domain.
  • Major thing is your Title, select a very good & catchy title (like Expert C Programmer, 8+ xp Web developer, 100% accurate - Data Entry Operator etc.).

3) Now search for jobs with odesk ( don't worry they are posting around 1000 jobs per week)
& apply.

4) Attend interview online with Odesk & start your work with Odesk.

5) Make money with Odesk.

How do Odesk pay you the money ?

1) You must install their tracking/logging software, whenever you starts doing the work for odesk you should login & logout Odesk when you are complete.

2) Odesk will pay you weekly by check, online money transfer & more options are there with Odesk.

3) One more thing about Odesk, Odesk have two types of job payment, Hourly Job Payment : you will be paid per hour (you can bid for hourly basis), another type is the Fixed Job Payment.

Qualifications Needed - Odesk

1) You should pass the Odesk Readiness Test. Don;t worry it is simple, it is an open book test about their terms & conditions of Odesk. (even if you fail, you can retry the test with Odesk, Odesk are asking same questions)

2) My suggestion is to take your Odesk - domain tests available with them for ex. if you are joining as a HTML developer with Odesk, better take test on HTML from Odesk site, it adds your value towards job assignment from the buyer side on Odesk.

You can earn from $1 to around $50 per hour with Odesk, based on your knowledge & the commitments. Say if you work for $20 per hour for 20 hours per week then, you will earn (20 * 20) = 400 $ per week. :-)

I hope you got some basic ideas about odesk & the kind of job. Its free to join Odesk so you can make a try with Odesk today.



October 8, 2008 at 11:31 AM

Thanks so much for advocating oDesk. With a network of providers and buyers that grows about threefold every year almost anyone with a skill that leverages a computer can find jobs there. And almost any job around computers can be staffed on oDesk.


Orie from oDesk.